Welcome to Burlington Record Plant.

We are a boutique pressing plant located in Burlington, Vermont USA. We make vinyl records traditionally using two customized semi-automatic record presses. This allows us the opportunity to inspect each record as it comes off the press. We deliver honest, hand-made quality vinyl records throughout the world.

The quality of our pressings from beginning to end is our entire focus. Although vinyl records by design hold the charm of imperfection, we listen closely, pay attention and reduce inconsistencies every step of the way.

We choose to manufacture vinyl records because of our belief in music and the myriad cultural significance it holds. In our opinion, this medium serves both as an artifact and a piece of artwork that offers equal audio and visual importance to both the artist and the listener. We’re honored to do our part in the preservation of phonograph records, and are endlessly fascinated with the mechanics of both making and listening to records and the history behind their invention. We are a forward-thinking manufacturing facility utilizing energy efficient manufacturing processes, clean vinyl recycling practices, and recyclable shipping materials.

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