QuantityPricingPrice Per
Master Lacquer
12" Lacquer (includes download, WAV Files or tape reels)1$200.00 per side
Customer Supplied Lacquers1$55.00per order
12" Etched Lacquer (etching on one full side of master Lacquer)1$550.00per side
2 Step (includes all shipping costs)1$175.00 per side
Customer Supplied Stampers1$55.00per order
Additional Stampers1$75.00 per side
Black (Burlington Standard 155 Gram Deluxe Weight)All orders$2.65per record
Color Vinyl - Clear or Opaque, Includes Custom Mixed ColorsAll orders$2.65per record
Splatter VinylAll orders$3.10per record
Split 2 Color - clear or opaque **100$3.40per record
Split Custom mixed color vinyl or splatter **100$3.70per record
  ** Limited to 100 units per order, can be included as an add-on to a full run
Machine Setup Fees
Black VinylAll orders$100.00per order
Color VinylAll orders$110.00per order
Splatter & Split Color All orders$120.00per order
Test Pressings
Black Vinyl6$85.00per set of 6
Additional Black1$5.00per record
Center Labels (500 Minimum For Printed, No Minimum on Blank Labels)
Blank White or BlackAll orders$0.20per set
Black and WhiteAll orders$0.35per set
Full ColorAll orders$0.45per set
White Paper SleeveAll orders$0.10per sleeve
Black Paper SleeveAll orders$0.30per sleeve
Black or White Premium Polylined SleeveAll orders$0.50per sleeve
Classic Rice Paper Antistatic SleeveAll orders$0.25per sleeve
Custom Printed Inner Sleeves Full Color500$1.40per sleeve
Custom Printed Inner Sleeves Full Color1000$0.80per sleeve
Custom Printed Inner Sleeves Black and White500$0.80per sleeve
Custom Printed Inner Sleeves Black and White1000$0.45per sleeve
Customer Supplied ArtworkAll orders$0.15per jacket
Blank Die-Cut or Full Faced Jackets. Black, White or ColorAll orders$0.50per jacket
Full Color/Black & White Standard LP Jacket - 20pt. Board - 100 - 300 Qty.100-300$1.30per jacket
Black and White LP Jacket - 20pt. Board500$1.25per jacket
Black and White LP Jacket - 20pt. Board1000$0.65per jacket
Full Color Standard LP Jacket - 20pt. Board500$1.60per jacket
Full Color Standard LP Jacket - 20pt. Board1000$1.00per jacket
Gatefold Jacket Full Color or Black and White500$3.50per jacket
Upgrade to Wide SpineAll orders$120.00 per order
UV or Matte All orders$65.00 per 1000
Reverse BoardAll orders$130.00 per order
Upgrade to 24pt. BoardAll orders$230.00 per 1000
Customer Supplied ArtworkAll orders$0.15per insert
Full Color or Black and White 11x11 inserts (2 sided) 100 - 300 Qty.100-300$0.65per insert
Full Color Inserts500$1.25per insert
Full Color Inserts1000$1.00per insert
Black and White Inserts500$0.75per insert
Black and White Inserts1000$0.50per insert
Download Cards
Including Print, Setup and Hosting (MP3 hosting included, WAV is an additional fee)All orders$0.50per unit
Setup fee for orders less than 300 units100-299$50.00per order
Customer Supplied Download CardsAll orders$0.15per unit
Marketing Stickers
Full Color or Black and White Sticker 2"x3" 300$0.55per unit
Full Color or Black and White Sticker 2"x3" 500$0.45per unit
Full Color or Black and White Sticker 2"x3" 1000$0.35per unit
Assembly Fees
Retail Ready Shrink WrappingAll orders$0.20per unit
Poly Bags (Reusable, Not Resealable) - 3 MilAll orders$0.25per unit
Customer Supplied Sticker ApplicationAll orders$0.15per unit
Shipping Fees
Master Carton Boxes (50 Per or 30 Per 2XLP or Gatefold)1$3.80per box
Sub Boxes (25 per or 15 Per 2XLP or Gatefold)1$1.65per box
Test Pressing Mailer (Per Set of 6 Test Pressings)1$1.50per box
We ship standard UPS ground but can overnight, 3-day or 2-day by request.
Shipping charges will be invoiced for payment 24 hours prior to shipment. Finished records ship within 24 hours of receiving shipping payment.
We charge $3.00 per carton for drop shipments
Storage fees may apply if we're asked to store print goods for repressings