Thank you for choosing Burlington Record Plant for your vinyl project. Please read this information carefully. Please feel free to call the plant directly at (802) 540-8188 or email


When dealing with copyrighted materials it is necessary to ensure that all parties involved own or have secured all rights to use and duplicate these materials. This includes but is not limited to all sound recordings and artwork used in the customer’s project. By placing an order, the customer, hereafter referred to as “you” or “customer”, certify to have obtained all rights and permissions required for both data and artwork supplied to Burlington Record Plant, Inc., and that you have not infringed on any copyright, contract, or trademark, and that you have paid any and all royalties required by any contractual agreements. Burlington Record Plant, Inc., reserves the right to require appropriate documentation of ownership or license at any time in the process. Should the customer be unable to provide the requested documentation, the customer will be responsible for any spent costs, including labor, materials, and equipment usage. Burlington Record Plant, Inc. shall be held neither responsible nor accountable in any instance of legal action, copyright, or trademark infringement brought against the customer. By placing an order with Burlington Record Plant, Inc., you the owner of all (copyright/intellectual property owner) of necessary legal rights to grant duplication rights associated with the all titles title to Burlington Record Plant, Inc.


  1. Upon ordering, Burlington Record Plant, Inc., here after referred to as “our company”, requires a 50% deposit of the order total to initiate your project. The remaining 50% balance of the order shall be paid in full upon approval of test pressings. When test pressings are cleared, production begins and you grant Burlington Record Plant the right to fulfill your order in a timely manner. Shipping will be invoiced and must be paid 24 hours prior to shipment. Partial delivery of an order can only be made if the entire order is paid in full. We accept credit cards and ACH payments.
  2. The customer shall pay a fee of $30.00 for any cause of nonpayment because of insufficient funds.
  3. If you request us to arrange shipping, shipment is by UPS regular ground service unless otherwise specified by you. Our company is NOT responsible for loss or damage once any product has left our premises.
  4. Our company produces goods and services that are rigorously inspected through the entire process to ensure that they are of the highest quality possible and free of defect. The vinyl record manufacturing process involves many precise variables, time, patience and natural resources. While our team takes every necessary step to ensure each record is made with the best possible attention, molding microscopic grooves into vinyl is a delicate process. Our company reserves the right to stop production if we observe a defect to identify the cause. Although the aesthetic of each record is of equal focus and importance to us – the quality of the playback and playability is our main objective. While we limit and reject small manufacturing defects throughout the process, anything not effecting playback will be passed in the production run.
  5. For all custom color projects – we can not guarantee an exact match. While we take special care referencing mock ups and project artwork to create a visually stunning product, the process has limitations. Color blemishes and color inconsistencies are NOT considered defects. Color inconsistencies do not diminish playback or sound quality.
  6. Any defect preventing playback must be reported by the customer within ten (10) business days of order receipt. If the customer reports an issue with the final product, the company will replace found defective product and all original pressing must be returned by the customer to the company. No refunds. The company will replace or credit for a future order.
  7. If the customer supplies parts, a fee will be applied, and the company is not responsible for costs related to issues with the parts supplied by the customer.
  8. All artwork, packaging and other materials issued to our company by the customer will then become property of our company to be used for the customer’s project. Our company shall not be held liable for any damage to these materials. All leftover print such as jackets, inserts, or download cards will be sent to the customer with final shipment, or recycled at the customer’s request. The company is not responsible for leftover print.
  9. Burlington Record Plant, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service for any reasons we deem appropriate.
  10. Prices in our industry sometimes change unpredictably. As a result, our prices are subject to change without notice.
  11. Any orders unpaid after 30 days are subject to a storage fee to be assessed by our company.
  12. Burlington Record Plant, Inc. is not responsible for shipping costs and will be the sole responsibility of the customer.
  13. Project turnaround times are estimated. Burlington Record Plant, Inc. can not guarantee or commit to release dates due to the process of record making. This includes distributors, drop ships, pick ups, etc.